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No no no.

Hello, everyone. I don't think I ever go to bed early anymore, LOL. If anything, I stay up until at least midnight, with or without homework. Yay for procrastination and other distracting, shiny things.

Tomorrow is a minimum day, but we have finals. Major ew. I only have two periods tomorrow, P.E. and Japanese, but they're both around two hours, I think. P.E., from just the sound of it, shouldn't be too bad, right? Right? OH NO. They are just evil, little people who plot and plot for us to fail. No, I'm not kidding. Why are they giving us a written final in P.E. again? I have no idea - we never go over this information until we're told we should like, two days before, LOL. And then there's the mile, which I literally PHAIL in, but hopefully if I just keeping running...no, not swimming...then I'll get a pretty decent time.

Japanese, I'm not worried about, so thankfully I don't have to study for that. Whew like whoa.

I think once I get through tomorrow I'll be good for like, ever, ahaha. Friday is math, which I should do fine in if I don't rush like usual, and English, which we took our final for today, so...wheee. And my mom better keep her promise to take a drive up to San Francisco's J-Town this weekend...I think we just went to the San Jose J-Town last weekend, LOL, but still...maybe there'll be something new. And I didn't even look at the anime/manga/otaku stuff when I was there last weekend, anyway. I was too distracted by J-Rock magazines, the Johnny's Junior calendar, and over-priced CDs and DVDs that I was drooling over. Yay!

Oh, and not to mention, there was a Japanese market thing right next to that Kinokuniya in San Jose. Has anyone ever been there? It's HUGE. And it has a HUGE video rental section, which I would so live in...if I actually lived more nearby to there. But unfortunately I don't. Blah to them. The ramen was good, at least.

Screw that. VERY GOOD.

Anywho, I was going to post caps or something I took of J.J.Express's recent Kanjiru Mama Ni You&I performance on YOUtachi...but I think I'm feeling too lazy to, LOL. Gomen, maybe some other night. There's some P.E. studying to be done, as well, though I think I've gone over all three sports' information about three times now.

There's some other caps I wanted to post from previous YOUtachi's as well...did anyone else see the episode where Koki Tanaka showed everyone his "grillz"? I mean, seriously, that HAD to have been the funniest thing EVER.

Apart from the girl who cried on American Idol yesterday - now THAT was funny. I think I died laughing when I saw that. I suddenly turned around and saw the screen and her face and her expression and it was like...what the fuck? LOL. Major entertainment. That and Sanjaya's performance. He STILL hasn't gone home, which bugs me, but oh well, maybe there'll be some more entertaining crying in the audience next week, ahaha. Sick, I know.

Back to YOUtachi and Koki's "grillz"...I must post caps of it, and even if you are not into KAT-TUN or Johnny's Entertainment or smexy Asian boys in general, the most adorable thing about that segment was that they gave Morimoto Shintaro...who has to be one of the CUTEST little Junior siblings in history...his own grillz. LAWLZ. The most disturbing and funny cap ever. I must share soon. If you haven't already seen it or if I haven't already spazzed about it to you. Teehee.

And since I'm jumping around anyway, I'll get back to the J.J.Express performance and I must say, I love that cameraman. So much. He got like, the perfect shots of everyone at the perfect time when they were all singing their lines and dancing and just blahhh, major love like whoa. My husband was very shiny.

Cough. Yeah, you read that right. LOL, just kidding. I'm not a pedophile, I swear. He's only a year younger than me!

Finally, I must say, Super Junior is owning me so much right now. Has everyone heard the H.I.T. drama song previews? OWNAGE LIKE WHOA. I am constantly listening to them and I cannot wait for the OST to come out so I can get my grabby little hands on the full versions. Oh yes. The chills I'm getting are amazing.

I think this post is long enough for now. Definitely. I think I wrote way too much, ahaha. Sorry for spamming up your friends page, loves. If you want a cut, just tell me and it'll be done. Good night! Even though I'm not going to bed yet. Of course not! It's not midnight.

...and this is where I get shot.

- xBrittney.