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I fail.

I stayed up all night just to watch Super Junior on the MBC Awards this morning at 4:50.

I made it. I started watching it at the scheduled time.

But then.

I guess sometime after that, maybe a little after, I fell asleep.

For an hour.

And when I wake up, what do I find?

Super Junior's already performed!

Now that sucked.

Thank God for Bestiz and its awesome-ness. Its a lifesaver, save it won't let me watch the pirate performance or the Tic! Toc! performance at Lotte. Eh well.

At least I got to see their second performance thingy, but still.

I stayed up almost all night just to see them for a little bit and then I go and fall asleep. Ahahaha.

Whooo, an hour's worth of sleep! I'm so proud.

At least I got to see the rest of it.

Se7en and SS501...and...uhmmm...who else was there? Ehehe. Oh, Big Bang and...Eru...and...uhm. Oh! MC Mong. And. Yeah, I give up.

Whoo. I lied. This post is probably the last post before 2007 now. I remember watching them do the New Year's countdown on the awards, and my brain must've been glazed over with sleep still because I remember thinking what the hell are they counting down until? Super Junior's surprise performance? Ahaha.


Grawr, I love the smexy animations decorating my desktop now after...Friday's...? Yeah, Friday's performance. The moves make me happy and fuzzy inside. Wheeee! Go Minnie and his super thrust moves. And cute RyeoMin. And. Uhh. I'm not quite sure what the last one is -- Hannie. Doing. Something?

Happy New Year's! Again.

- xBrittney.

The new year is creeping up on us...

Squee. Most likely my last post of 2006.

It's amazing time has passed so quickly. Christmas didn't even feel like Christmas to me. Almost like another day - except with gifts. Ehehehe.


Gah, Super Junior and all of their performances these last couple of days! And one tomorrow - no, I guess today, now, haha. I think I might pull an all-nighter to watch it, I mean it's not like this happens very often, anyway, so...or maybe I'll get in a couple of hours before it starts. But still...I don't want to risk missing it, ahaha.

I'm not quite sure with channel of MBC it's on yet, but I guess I'll have to figure that out before it starts, ahaha. I think it's sometime around 4:50 or 5:00 my time...jesus, so early.

But my fangirlism is making me stay up. Grawr.

I saw the ending of X-MAN today thanks to that awesome website. ShiChul was there, but I missed their performance. Gah.

Right now I'm watching KMTV...and ohmygod I just saw Super Junior. Ahahahahaha! It was Hyuk, the Dong, and Minnie part of some random mash-up of artists saying "Brand New Music" for the channel. Ehehehe. I'm excited already. I have a feeling this newfound Korean Television will now take over the next/last week of my break.

...gah, art project. With Korean television I shall conquer you! Chyeah.

Before I go, I must say, Ryeowook in L.O.V.E. pwns me. That is all.

Happy New Year's, everyone!

- xBrittney.


The wind will blow me away, I swear.

The wind. It's mad at us.


Trekking along slowly in the land of the art project...it's pretty frustrating, but hey, what kind of project isn't? Ehehe. What kind of project is "an oil pastel cubism self portrait"? I mean, come on.

Watched the King and the Clown yesterday. With Lee Junki. And dude. It was freaking awesome. Haha - no, I'm not just sayiing that because Junki was pretty in it. But really. It might have started out a bit weird, but as it got into it, it became...intriguing and quite entertaining. Yeah. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it. But I can now understand why it was so popular. And what the hell, why did it take me so long to watch it? Ahahaha.

I got taken to Borders today to use the giftcards I got from various relatives for Christmas. And wow, was it a successful trip or what? I managed to snag Deathnote, Chocolat, Hana-Kimi, and the Wallflower, not to mention the Art of Hana-Kimi book which I proceeded to freak out about when it was in sight. Because I didn't know such a thing existed. Until now. Fufufu.

Also, I told kyavi_is_love I'd post some of the old crack[crap]tastic things I'd made in the past. And yeah. Soooooooooooooooooooo.

And here they are. XDD In all their weird glory.Collapse )

- xBrittney.

My Girl.

We're watching My Girl right now, and damn, is it addicting or what? It's definitely one of my favorite Korean dramas so far, if not number one. I think we're on episode thirteen out of sixteen...? I also love how Lee Junki's in it, too? Ehe.


I feel the need to rant, haha.

I've been paying less attention to it this afternoon since I've been catching up on LiveJournal, but I'm still catching the dialogue between typing and keeping up with it. Because the drama cannot be missed. And the dramatic, pretty music is addicting, gah.

The actors and actresses do a really good job in this drama, I'd have to say. I haven't seen too much of Junki's acting so far, but from this and what I have seen, he's a really good actor. I feel bad for him, not winning the heart of the heroine, being forced to get pissed off in his role and play one of the seemingly hindering characters, but still. He's Junki and who can resist that, I ask? Ehehehe.

The main actress who plays Yoo Rin does a really good job of seeming absolutely hokey but not too much at the same time. Her character's sort of an annoying ditz at times, but hey, she gives total comic relief.

The main actor who plays Gong Chan doesn't really look Korean, but he's still attractive, ahaha. But eh well. He does a good job with his character, like all of them. Passionate? That might be the word.

I must first off say that I do not hold anything against Sae Hyun's actress whatsoever, but the character she plays in the drama really pisses me off. Ahahaha? I mean, seriously, what a bitch? She's selfish, greedy, childlike, and is pretty much the cause to all of their problems in the drama. I want more than anything when watching to punch her face out, but yeah, that's not possible...?


But anyway, what gets sort of frustrating at times is how the characters can't seem to make up their minds about each other or what they're doing - my mom calls it "this yo-yo business". And that's exactly what it is. Gosh. It's happening even now as I'm watching, ahaha.

Don't do it!


Eh well. I guess they've got to do something since there's still several episodes left. Damn twist.

Yeah. I don't think I spoiled anything in here if you haven't seen it yet...god, they're crying again. Junki, don't be saddddddd. Nooooooo. How the hell could she reject himmmmmm even if it's a scripted drama? Grawr?

...oops. I'm shouting at the television again?

- xBrittney.

Yay, yay, yay!


Oh ho ho.

I must speak now or forever hold my peace.

To begin with, I'm sure there's a lot that I want to talk about that I'll forget right now, but hey, I can always mention it later?

...wow, loud sound from the television in the next room. Anyway. My presentation on Wednesday in Geography went amazingly well, which is a relief, because I was a tad anxious about that one. I think everyone enjoyed the Pocky, too. Haha. Plus, I got Charissa to join Japanese Culture Club so that was better than usual. We're having a DDR Day this Wednesday, too, as well, so I can't wait for that - though it's been a while since I've done it; I'll have to practice Tuesday night? Ehehehe.

Thursday was uneventful as I remember it: I can't remember anything super special or anything that happened that day. Eh.

Friday, however, was like, amazing, though. There was a dance that evening - I'm usually not that social of a person, but I feel like I can really let go there. It's not like the security even bothers to break up the big crowd of freakdancers, if you could call it that, towards the middle, but yeah. I must say I wasn't one of them...well, not really, but possibly in a way? Meh. It's a good way to get your daily exercise, too, ehehehe? But yeah. It was super cool to be able to hang out with one of my old friends from way back whom I haven't spoken to in too long. My favorite part of the night wasn't the dancing - though that was pretty fun - but the Jamba Juice. I'm such a dork, ahaha. I haven't had a smoothie in forever and that just did the trick for me. I got so giddy and happy. Yeah. And it's fun to run around barefoot?

What was kind of weird was three things:

One: Not so much weird, but sort of icky - we had gone outside to get some fresh air, and when we started to go back inside, Candice and my glasses fogged up! Ew, ahaha. It went away after a while, but it was still kind of disturbing. Especially with how cold it was outside.

Two: I saw one of the guys from my English mythology project group - the current one. And it was, to say the least, weird. Because like. One of the girls I was with, knew one of the girls in the group over there, and so we were dragged over there, and...we danced? Not with him, but...still. Weird, weird, weird. Now I'm wishing we'd already presented.

Three: Some of the people I least expected to get...how should I put it? Down and dirty? Or something of the sort, but not that extreme, ahaha. Well, they did, and I was surprised, but I guess I should have known beforehand. Eh. I guess it's even more surprising for them to see me there? Ehehe.

But anyway. Yesterday was a nice, relaxing day; I got to stay in my pajamas all day and watch Heroes and stuff on the computer. Awesome-ness.

Today, however, I couldn't stay pajama-ized all day, since I have to go to Charissa's church's Christmas dinner tonight with her and her family, because they invited me and I thought it would be extremely rude to say 'no' when I didn't have an excuse...? Yeah. I did go with them for Thanksgiving as well, but now her brother's back from college for the holidays and I heard he didn't want me to go, so I don't know how that'll work out. He's really immature...bleh.

The best part of today was watching Hana-Kimi on YouTube! I am seriously in love with that manga, and getting to see Wuzun and Jiro in it was even more love. As a result of that, I'm getting more into Fahrenheit lately, and my favorite switched from Arron to Wuzun to Jiro to Calvin to Wuzun again. Grawr?

I watched episode one and a little more than half of episode two - all with subs, but after that part four of episode two, there were no more subbed parts yet, so I stopped. Hopefully they'll come soon? Thank you bunches to whoever does them.

I also got to see my cousins this afternoon - my uncle was picking up my younger cousin from a neighbor's house nearby after a sleepover, and since my dad was outside, he stopped by with them. They invited me to come over today; they live super close. But my parents immediately declined for me since I have to go to the dinner tonight. I seriously was looking for a way to get out of the dinner/uncomfortable moments in a place full of people speaking in Chinese - which I'm half, but don't understand a word in any dialect at all. Ahh, oh well. Hopefully next weekend? I've gotten them addicted to YouTube. Hehe.

Noooo, school tomorrow. One more week, though, at least, and then break...whew.

Wow, this has got to be my longest entry so far. Sorry for taking so much time out of your lives, ehe. And so much space in your Friends Page?

- xBrittney.

Celebrity look alikes?

Celebrity Family Heritage, OMFG? o:Collapse )

I will definitely return with a detailed post about my week. Or the last few days, at least.


- xBrittney.







Am I the only one who didn't know Nicholas Tse just got married a couple of months ago? Holy shizzzzznit.


That was totally unexpected for me.

To Cecilia Cheung, too, lawlz. Two popular stars marrying each other? That sounds familiar, haha.

But gosh. Wow. He looked so young and innocent and non-married in Dragon Tiger Gate. Probably 'cause he wasn't married yet when it was filmed. Duh, stupid me.

Oh well. There's still plenty of unmarried Asian popstars to crack-ily mess with. Yaaaaaaaaay.


Watching a random performance of w-inds' Boogie Woogie 66 and then realizing during it that it's MKMF and that Super Junior was actually in the audience, acting like dorks and it wasn't a dream was awesome. Because I got so confused at first, since I was like, 'Wait, isn't MKMF Korean...? And w-inds is...Japanese? Wait a second!' Haha. I think some crack is starting to form in my brain, thanks...man, am I screwed up? Yes, that's a question mark.

But I mean, come on. Everyone's going worldwide now, seriously. Stealing KAT-TUN's goal-ness, nya?


Wow, I get absolutely barely any sleep lately. 

And I wonder who's to blame?


Ew, possibly two presentations tomorrow. Hoping everyone else is having good fortune:

- xBrittney.