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The librarians are hiding something.

I'm so excitedddd.

It sure took long enough for Spring Break to get here, that's for sure.

Today seemed like it was going at like, two miles per hour, but in hindsight, it was like whoosh!

I've been avoiding almost everything, like Soompi, El Jay, and Gaia, except for messengers and Crunchyroll this week in an attempt to actually get my homework done before it was foolishly late. And it sort of worked, so that makes me happy. But now, since it's Spring Break, it's time to catch up with all that I missed and...all I know is that it'll take a while, LOL.

Anyone doing anything fun? I don't have any plans, really, just the possibilities of getting together with friends and some other blah-ish stuff. The parents hint at taking a drive out somewhere on Tuesday, though to where, I have no idea. I'm hoping for J-Town, though who knows how likely that is, since the Cherry Blossom Festival is on April 14, I think, and I'm so going to be there. Thanks to the beloved Japanese Cultural Club and their last minute planning, ahaha.

Writing smut in the early hours of the morning isn't healthy. For me, at least. I tried it a couple of nights ago and reading the results made me go whoa. Not doing that anymore. I think I'll go purify my soul with happy, not-so-innocent Junior music now. 

Also, why is it that I'm always typing my posts in the kitchen? LOL.

Oh, Asaka, how amazing it is indeed that you manage to stay so shiny while eating chocolate and posing for the camera at the same time. I love new icons.

Pssst, by the way, everyone...the librarians are hiding something. Pass it on!

- xBrittney.


Mar. 31st, 2007 03:10 pm (UTC)
INDEED. I was sitting here for so long, reading all of it and cracking up. XD


What kind? XD; Uhhh. It wasn't a specific pairing or group or anything, and it took place in some sort of school-ish place? o____O;; *is scared to go back and check it again*

O_________O !! ZOMGAH HOW EVIL.